Jimmy Akingbola

Ben is one of the best casting directors out there! He continues to find a diverse range of undiscovered talented actors and rewarding them with TV work. There are thousands of actors like me that were seen doing theatre and then given their first ever TV or film job by Ben Cogan.

Emily Carey

I have SO much to say about the incredible Ben Cogan. I credit Ben entirely with starting my acting career. I was just 11 years old when I first walked into BBC Centre to audition for Casualty, very inexperienced and very nervous. Ben immediately put me at ease, the walk from the waiting area to the casting room changed everything for me and in the room he treated me like a respected actor and gave me space to make my own choices.  He cast me in that first role and since then has always been there championing me with words of encouragement.  Ben - I owe you the world! 

Brian McCardie

I've worked with Ben a few times over the years and he's most obviously on the actor's side and is,therefore,a comfort and encouragement at Auditions. He always has unconventional inspired choices in Casting which colour the film or TV Project greatly and insist on a genuine approach to the work.

Ruta Gedmintas

Ben Cogan has always had a great understanding of how an actor works. He's always encouraging and astute in the knowledge of how to get the best performance from you. Also, he is a brilliant audition scene partner.

Shane Zaza

What I love about Ben is that he has passion. A passion for the industry, it's actors and high quality work. He has always been forward thinking and honest and that shines through in the projects he has helped produce over the years.

Aimee-Ffion Edwards

Ben is a joy to audition with. His generosity and warmth is key in getting the best out of you whilst always ensuring the casting room is safe and fun and allowing you to be free and brave.

Con O'Neill

I first worked with Ben on 'Waking the Dead' and more recently on the beautiful short film: 'The Outing'. He's a brave, provocative Casting Director. Always making interesting challenging choices. I love working with him and trust his impeccable taste 100%

Martina Laird

Ben Cogan, is a real treat for the actor: he loves Acting and enjoys the actor's process. Audtionees feel that they are an important part of the production. He goes that extra distance to keep up to date with new and diverse talent. As a result his casts are always confident, authentic and top quality.

Louise Lombard

'I had the privilege of working with Ben whilst he was at the BBC where his considerable talent made a lasting impression. Ben is one of the wittiest people I've ever met, thoughtful, well informed and fiercely discerning. He has an intuitive understanding of actors and a well honed ability to discover and nurture talent with a bold and artistic eye. I'm excited to witness this new chapter in Ben's career.'

Christine Bottomley

Ben was the first person to cast me on the start of my professional journey,first to see my first professional play. He is a grafter but most importantly an artist who wants the best for a project.He does this in a very human way making it a pleasure to be on board with him as a team player.

Sunetra Sarker

I have known Ben for over 15 years and can vouch that he is one of the most respectful casting directors I have ever had the fortune to be seen by. He has such a warmth and approachability that many people in his position don't necessarily have. Inside an audition room Ben is very professional and keeps the atmosphere friendly which makes such a difference to an actor being able to lose the nerves and deliver the performance we practiced in front of the mirror!I remember when I was having a meeting for Doctors many years ago and I couldn't make the meeting on time. Ben made me feel so comfortable as he could see how disappointed I was in turning up late, he had managed to swap the meeting times without it being a problem for the producers which gave me the chance to relax before going in. I ended up getting the part thanks to that I believe. On another occasion I was meeting for a second recall and Ben ever the professional reassured me the reasoning and the positivity in being called back. He has in fact become a face I look forward to seeing in a casting call and I only wish more casting directors were as easy going and conversational. He is also a very good actor from the number of times he has read with me on tape! I look forward to continue meeting Ben along my career and seeing him succeed in his freelance role now at BeCo.Me.

Amanda Mealing

Ben Cogan has the enviable talent of being pitch perfect and precise. Casting is not just a case of finding an actor, its about understanding a directors specific vision and enhancing it. Often, by pushing that vision further, a casting director like Ben can bring a new dimension to a project not just by knowing actors but knowing the right actors for the right jobs. And that is what Ben Cogan brings to the table, every time.

Reece Noi

Ben's passion for finding not only new but diverse talent combined with his brutal honesty makes him perfect for casting. He recognises that honesty in others.

Jo Martin

Ben goes above and beyond, he creates a safe space, when you walk into one his castings you are not a number, you are treated in a manor that allows you to relax and hopefully give a good performance.

Karen David

A few minutes in the chair with Ben, and you immediately feel at home, like you've known each other for many years - so much that I even forget that I'm in a casting session! He's so wonderfully encouraging, supportive and is your biggest cheerleader in the room - bringing the best out of you, or things you didn't even know you could do! I think he secretly has magic tricks up his sleeve, whatever it is, "it" works!

Maimie McCoy

Mr Cogan cast me in my very first TV job when i was an incredibly green actress, knowing nothing about this world and has had my back ever since. Sometimes it can take what feels like forever for people to recognise your talent or potential but despite my chubby (youthful) cheeks and lack of experience, he had faith in me and that has never faltered and is very much appreciated.

Harry Gilby

I was lucky enough to have Ben cast me in my first feature film, Just Charlie. Throughout the whole audition process Ben's encouraging and friendly manner immediately put me at ease, allowing me to really concentrate on doing my best. I really hope I have the opportunity of working with Ben in the future.

Joseph Millson

Ben Cogan is that rare and wonderful thing, a casting director who not only understands acting but actually likes actors. He has a brilliant eye and a long memory.

Sophia Di Martino

Ben is passionate about his work, enthusiastic about new talent and always makes you feel relaxed in auditions.

Georgia Taylor

When you walk into a casting session with Ben you instantly feel that he's on your side. He is passionate about finding and nurturing talent and promoting true diversity within the industry. This is, I believe, how he gets the very best out of actors and makes him a joy to work with. Love you dude xxx

Gary Beadle

Ben Cogan is a reputable casting director, who I've known for over a decade. During that time he has elevated his way through the BBC whilst also being involved various independent projects. An honest hard grafter, he has cast me in projects and has given me valuable advice during baron spells of my career. His connections with new, undiscovered, up and coming and of course, established talent is just one of his many skills. Knowledgeable, honest I'm not surprised Ben Cogan is looking to branch out on his own. He's ambitious and hard working and I'm pretty sure he will be even more successful in future. Very much looking forward to his next stage in the world of casting. Some might say this is well over due.. And that includes me!

Georgia Tennant

There are too many actors to count who class Ben Cogan as one of their friends and champions. He is a true fan and supporter of great TV and film and genuinely loves all that goes into that, especially actors which is a rare commodity in his profession. A funny, humble, gem of a man who puts you at ease in the audition room and gets the best out of every performer as a result. It is truly a pleasure to know him.

Scot Williams

Ben just gets it. Simple. He knows, that once all finance has been raised, a script developed, written, broken down, production designed and scheduled, crew recruited, locations scouted, equipment hired, storyboards drawn, sets constructed and dressed, costumes sewn up and last looks applied...he just knows, that when all is said and done, all you're left with is a camera...and it's pointing at an actor

David Gyasi

Ben is a casting director I'm not only grateful to for providing me with numerous opportunities to learn and grow on the BBC but he is also someone that I hugely admire for his ability to think outside of the conventional box. This in my opinion is an essential tool for the future of our industry.

Ann Mitchell

At a meeting for a casting of a very interesting, complicated role - that of a Minister in a Labour Government - for three episodes of Casualty, Ben went out of his way to put me at my ease, not necessarily always an actor's experience at castings, he was respectful, enthusiastic about the programme and the role, which was important to me. I remember thinking whether I get this part or not, that's how a casting should be conducted. I did and I thank you, Ben.

Josef Altin

Ben Cogan and me go way back from earlier on in my career as a professional actor. He cast me in Doctors and then had another casting with him for Casualty. I worked with him a few times now and I love meeting and working professionally with Ben. He casts great tv and he knows how to make everyone happy with the choices he makes in the industry, love getting castings from him, the environment in which the casting takes place is so relaxed which is great for actors, and also the material he casts for is fun and has lovely people working on the project/s.

Laura Aikman

Going to a casting for Ben is slightly less terrifying then going to a casting for someone else because he makes you feel so at ease. He really cares about the projects he works on and the people he works with. Plus he gave me a big break once upon a time so he must have spectacular taste.

Lorraine Burroughs

Ben is just what an actor wants from a casting director he's enthusiastic about his work and puts an actor at ease in the room but still manages to bring a bit of fun to it all. We are merely players at the end of the day. 😉Good luck Ben xx

Oliver Lansley

Ben gave me my first proper job in television when he was still an assistant at the BBC. As someone who hadn't gone through the traditional drama school route I was working in the theatre and was incredibly fortunate that Ben saw me and became an advocate for me, getting me through a door that might otherwise have been closed to me. I personally feel it's incredibly important to have casting directors like Ben who will think outside the box, look beyond the obvious, take chances and champion new talent, wherever they might find it.

Karla Crome

Ben cast me in my very first TV job and has provided invaluable support ever since. It's rare to come across a CD who had the skill and diligence to bring the best out of an actor. Auditions can be nerve wracking, but Ben is passionate about bringing talent to the surface.

Sarah- Jane Potts

So listen up peeps. Ben Cogan is now a footloose and fancy free INDEPENDANT casting director at last!!!! He has a great nose for talent and an even better memory so you better hope you've never pissed him off :)) Seriously though, I've know Ben a long time and worked with him on many jobs and apart from the fact he can grow a RAD beard he's bloody brilliantly at his job. Good for you lovely. Can't wait to watch you fly. P.S. Give us a job.

Matt Bardock

With a fantastic eye and absolute understanding of the casting process - for all concerned - I have always enjoyed working with Ben. He makes the serious business of casting fun. He is warm, witty and intelligent with serious vision.

Tanya Franks

Ben is a true creative and passionate about his job. Having seen me in ‘Sing Yer Heart Out For The Lads’ at the National Theatre in 2004 he cast me as the guest lead in an episode of ‘Doctors' playing a shy and retiring Marilyn Monroe impersonator - nothing like my role in ‘Sing Yer Heart Out…’! Great vision, he certainly thinks outside the box.

Fraser Ayres

Put simply, without Ben Cogan I would not be where I am today. When I’ve been at the top of my game, BeCo has been there to give guidance and real knowledge. When I’ve been floundering it’s BeCo that has inspired me to push just that little further, and has always understood that an actor is much more than just a commodity.

Jane Hazlegrove

Ben makes castings really easy. He is always encouraging and warm and does his best to show off an actors talents, despite the pressures of the interview. He seems to genuinely like actors and even goes to the theatre. If Cogan's casting it's going to be a good meeting!

Emeline Nsingi Nkosi

“Ben is an absolutely gem in the industry and a pleasure to work with! I’d worked with him four years ago during an acting course and he was such a fantastic teacher that whilst preparing to send a self-tape to audition for a place at a well respected acting school recently, I contacted him for a 1-1 session. It was such an amazing experience to work with him, he responded to my request really quickly which meant that I was able to do two sessions with him ahead of the recording. He took out the stress and anxiety that often comes from recording these self-tapes and brought the fun back into acting. I am happy to say that I secured a place to a school that I had wanted to attend for a very long time! Thank you Ben!!”

Crystal Yu

Ben BELIEVES in actors. He pushed, and encouraged, and wholeheartedly believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself - for that, I will always be grateful. It was a tremendous privilege working with Ben, and I hope I will have that pleasure again in the near future.

Alex Macqueen

Because Ben has such a wealth of contacts, and a fantastic imagination, he has a terrific ability to perceive exactly the right casting for a role... as well as a really fun and affable approach. Can't recommend him enough!

Emma Williams

The greatest thing about Ben as a casting director, aside from the fact that he can actually act, is that he knows exactly how to put any actor at ease. His attitude is both relaxed and encouraging, enabling every performer to bring their A-game, regardless of how nervous they are. Auditions for Ben are a bizarrely enjoyable experience and surely the best way to get the most out of both performer and script. He's a pleasure to audition for.

Emma Cunniffe

Ben is great to work with, warm, friendly and enthusiastic. He is brilliant at his job. All the very best with your new venture.

Steven Hartley

I have worked with Ben as a casting director for over 15 years during his time at the BBC and also as an independent casting director. Every time I walk into a casting meeting with Ben, he gives me a great advantage. I always feel he wants me to get the job. That feeling allows me to get on with my work and tell the story I am being asked to tell to the best of my ability. That is what all great casting directors do.

Anita Briem

A great casting director is an extension of the creator/directors vision, introducing and injecting the elements that will bring that vision to life. Ben cast me in my very first role out of drama school. He had such a beautiful way of making me feel very safe and loved in that audition, which is often a grueling and intimidating situation. And that I don't take for granted. It allowed me to do my best work, be open and brave with my director, Ariyon Bakare and we made something that we are all very proud of to this day. I am very grateful for to have been an element in that story and hope I'll have the privilege to work with him again soon.

Jane Slavin

Ben loves working with actors and directors to get the best possible combination of talent and personalities and his passion, zeal and expertise shows in his castings – Going to a meeting with Ben in the room has always been a joy - he puts everyone at their ease, is funny and kind while being professional and efficient and he also reads really well, which just helps everyone get the best possible take. I’ve worked with him several times now and would recommend him to anyone.

Matt Kennard

Having known Ben for some years, working with him numerous times at the BBC, I can honestly say, he is one of the most supportive, conscientious and talented casting directors out there!

Julie T Wallace

BeCo working for actors"...that is exactly what he does! He gets you in for castings and reads in the other lines with emotion.Brings out the best in you.Gets you jobs. Fact.

Chetna Pandya

An advocate for nurturing talent and diversity within the industry, Ben has a knack for bringing out the best in the actors he brings into the casting room. His genuine admiration and passion for bringing a story alive and off the page is infectious, he offers direction that speaks directly to the actors psyche allowing them to offer a focused and precise performance whilst being dangerous enough to be alive, in the moment and fully embodied in character. It's the stuff you dream of being offered in the casting room..someone believing in you.

Natalie Anderson

I worked with Ben on one of my first jobs out of drama school and he was extremely helpful, informed and mostly very personable. He put me at ease in a situation where I felt a bit daunted and gave me great notes/feedback which gave me the confidence to do my job.

Alice Sanders

Ben is wonderful to both work with and audition for: he is kind and encouraging, which brings out the best in you in the nerve-wracking audition process. He has real enthusiasm for the projects he is working on, and is excellent at finding a cast that really capture the characters they are portraying. Also, working with Ben is a ball!

James Redmond

One of the best things about my 5 years on 'Casualty', was the quality of guest actors I got to work opposite. We had about 10 per episode and Ben was responsible for casting a lot of them. We also did some great P.R. work with Bristolian youngsters and he's become a good mate, despite his love for Crystal Palace F.C.

Dona Croll

Ben Cogan is one of the industry's leading casting directors and he's achieved this by keeping up to date with all the best actors and best practices. Ben Cogan constantly thinks outside the box and brings a freshness to all his work. Ben Cogan is one of the most respected casting directors in the industry. I can say this because I've been working in the business for many years and have worked with him many times. All of the above are true and he hasn't paid me.

Caroline O'Hara

My career changed after Ben Cogan found me. He is a rare breed of casting director who goes out of his way to find actors he hasn't yet met and when he does find you he will respect you and nurture you and treasure you. He understands actors so well that you would assume he has been one himself. My parents are so grateful to him for everything he has done for my career that they asked him to come round for Christmas. His energy and passion are that of a happy, big hairy dog, and who doesn't want their project casting by a happy, big hairy dog? The acting world is lucky to have him. On a personal note; thank you Ben Cogan. I'm so excited to see your passion translated onto screens far and wide.

Frieda Thiel

Ben was one of the first casting directors who I booked a BBC job with. He is a bowl of delight, humbled, enthusiastic and has a wonderful energy you just want to be around. As an actor its not all the time you feel comfortable and are able to deliver your best work with complete freedom in the audition room but ben is a people's person and fantastic at his work you just feel at ease with him. Its Always a pleasure to be in his presence and I have no doubt he will continue to do amazing work in the industry.

Tobi Bakare

Ben is a great advocate for diversity in casting. Focusing on the ability of the actor and willing to sacrifice the conventional for what is most Truthful. Great to work with and consistent in keeping the overall vision alive.

Chipo Chung

Becoming a professional actor is becoming an expert in handling rejection. The journey is made easier with guiding lights - friendly support that gets you in the room and encourages you from the first hello. Ben Cogan was a great guiding light in my introduction to the profession, and helped build my confidence through his warmth, kindness and genuine respect for what we do - and by always getting me back in the room for another go!

James Daffern

Ben has cast me in a number projects during his time at the BBC. He is extremely passionate about his work and cares enormously about the people he works with. Ben has always made me feel comfortable and at ease in castings, a true gentleman.

Beverley Hills

It's been my absolute pleasure to know and work with Ben over the years; he cast me in his very first job and I am delighted to see him go from strength to strength in this beautiful but competitive industry. The thing is about Ben is he has a rare congruence which puts the performer at ease from the get go; walking into a casting is nerve racking enough no matter where on the ladder you are and Ben makes you feel as though he is 100% on your side which not only breaks down barriers but also makes you want to shine. I love that natural generosity he has and I look forward to shining brightly for him in this new exciting venture.

Duncan Pow

I have known Ben for almost ten years. As an actor walking into a room it is important to create a space for them to be able to express themselves and their work in a receptive environment. Ben's calm nature, his eye for talent and his desire to assist the actor in their process should be bottled and passed on to anyone hoping to work as a casting director for television and film.'

Charlotte Salt

Being made to feel comfortable and welcome in the room, for me, is integral to delivering a good performance and so often forgotten. For Ben this is a priority, immediately putting his actors at ease, creating a safe, fun atmosphere where you really can deliver your best.

Jotham Annan

I have had the pleasure - and I DO mean pleasure - of meeting Ben on a number of occasions for castings. He remains in the mind as someone who alway feels as if you are working "with" as opposed to "for". Absolutely kind hearted, genuine - always keen to ensure that you - the actor - are comfortable, reassured and at ease during what is a challenging and often mind boggling situation. Ben is supportive and always full of encouragement ensuring that you can always deliver the best version of yourself, get to work and focus on what is going to matter in the room - the acting, the story, the character.

Holly Matthews

Ben Cogan is a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry. Open, honest and hilarious. He will be brutally honest in one breath, but knock you off your feet with warmth and generosity in the next. As an actor Ben has cast in BBC Casualty, this is the perfect combination, for our sensitive egos.

Haruka Abe

I'm a huge fan of Ben's work and it's always such a joy to go into his castings. He has a wonderful charm and genuine passion that instantly put you at ease and bring out the best performance. You know he is truly passionate about his work and that he's got your back. I feel so privileged to have worked with him, and I'm truly excited about his career as a freelance casting director!

Cat Simmons

Ben exudes loyalty. He nurtures actors. He also goes out on a limb to discover new talent. There's not many people like him around.

Simon Lowe

I always look forward to a casting held by Ben. In the room, he is incredibly supportive, helping to bring out the very best in the performance. There is nothing worse than feeling unsuitable at a casting, Ben never makes you feel like that.

Catherine Ashton

Ben believes in you BEFORE not just after and he's willing to put his money where his mouth is and get you in the room. From the moment I met him he's been nothing but encouraging and genuine. Always makes you feel safe which allows you to be at your best and really enjoy it. Ben really has a way of making you feel special. You can feel him rooting for you! Love ya Ben xxx

Tehmina Sunny

It was only a matter a time for Ben to set up his own company. He has an eye for talent and is an actors friend when it comes to auditioning, making any actor feel Important and comfortable. Looking forward to working with you again in the future!'

James Bradshaw

I always enjoy castings with Ben. He's always wise, warm and supportive, giving those introductions and helpful tips which really put an actor at ease. I have always found him to be a really lovely bloke who genuinely appears to like actors, and enjoys and respects what actors do.

Ben Jones

For an actor, Ben is gold-dust - a casting director who has your ‘back’. He’s genuinely passionate about actors and you can feel him willing you to excel in every casting. I am lucky that he has played an integral part in my career and am honoured to call him a friend.

Fiona Wade

Ben is a wonderful Casting Director! He always welcomes u with such warmth and kindness that u feel immediately at ease. He's so personable yet professional and just makes an audition so much more easier and better for the actor. I can remember some of my earlier auditions with Ben and he just makes u feel so supported that it gives you that confidence as an actor to really feel like u can give that audition your very best and that u have someone in that room really rooting for you. Wishing u all the luck Ben!

Joe Renton

I really wanted to avoid using cliched terms and phrases like "actor friendly", "deeply passionate about the craft etc", but with Ben Cogan it's basically feckin impossible. Ben exemplifies all those traits so uniquely as anyone who knows him will testify. My only defence is that cliches are born out of a truth..... He does however have questionable facial hair!

Lisa Hammond

Ben really wills you to do well in an audition, he wants you to get the job! which in turn allows you to be yourself, it gives you the permission to be as good as you can be. Ben “does diversity” in his casting process more naturally than any other casting director I know. Ben creates an atmosphere in the room which is gentle, honest and professional, this is incredibly relieving and allows you to do your best.

Michael Obiora

Ben makes you feel incredibly comfortable as soon as you step into the room - as an actor you can't really ask for more when auditioning. But my favourite thing about Ben is that he is open minded and has an eye on diversity.

Andrew Tiernan

Ben Cogan is a casting director who knows his stuff, he puts you at ease with his down to earth attitude and is a consummate professional, an all round great guy.

Shobu Kapoor

Ben is a brilliant casting director. He understands the actor's process. Casting often takes place in cold uninspirational environments and Ben always makes you feel warm and at ease in front of the camera. He acts with the actor so that the scene comes to life, simulating the actual environment in which we will be performing. And he's unconventional, which I love! Once he wanted me for a part I was unsure of playing and that was badly paid. I asked for a Valentine's card as a joke condition for accepting the job. Ben was ill but he took up my challenge and I duly received a Valentine's card with Ben's poor little ill face staring into the lens. I accepted the job immediately.

Patricia Potter

In a tough industry, Ben makes the casting process a pleasure. He treats everyone with respect and values the input of the people he meets. He cast me in the most challenging and rewarding job of my career, for which I am so grateful. A true gent.

Ace Bhatti

I've had the great pleasure of working with Ben on 'Kiss of Death' and 'Casualty'. He is always approachable, enthusiastic and supportive of any project he is involved. He works very hard to get each casting just right and has a great ability to think outside box!

Laila Rouass

I first met Ben when he cast me as a burlesque dancer in Casualty. I was taken by his professionalism, passion and those teddy bear brown eyes of his. Those beautiful eyes have sailed me in and out of many audition rooms since and have always been a source of comfort, guidance and assurance. I love those eyes and I love Ben Cogan.

Ashley Madekwe

Ben is the type of casting director that you hope will be in the room when you audition. He gives concise notes and tries to bring out the best in a performer.

Elyes Gabel

I worked with Ben Cogan in my early years as an actor in England. He was always full of energy and optimism; a very quick and smart talent who was a spring board for positivity. I would recommend Ben as a casting director - his generosity lends itself very well to actors finding their confidence and their best work. Congratulations Ben! All me best, Elyes.

Angela Lonsdale

It's always such a joy when your agent tells you Ben Cogan has a Casting for you, because you know that as an actor he has your best interests at heart. He is always so genuinely gentle, encouraging, inspiring and above all on your side! Castings can be so daunting even after years of experience - but Ben never fails to put you at ease and bring out the best in you! It's is also a huge compliment to be in something Ben has cast because he is not only always spot on (hence the awards) but he is equally very much loved and respected within the business.

Nicola Reynolds

Ben Cogan is a joy of a casting director, he has a love for his job and a respect for actors that means you feel so comfortable in a casting you can give your best, ultimately resulting in the client seeing the best talent on offer. Ben is brilliant at his job. Hard working, funny and charming in the room, not afraid to take risks and give people a "break". I always look forward to him calling me in.

Richard Sutton

There’s no one who has had a greater influence on my career than Ben Cogan. When Ben gets hold of you, he keeps hold of you, and I am absolutely certain that it was his faith in me that kept me going forward. There must be so many people, not just actors but also directors and agents, who feel they owe a huge part of their career to him. I've known Ben for nearly 15 years and within that time he has never failed to impress me with his his professionalism, his integrity and his unyielding respect for actors. Ben has that truly unique quality to nurture, guide, advise and develop acting talent without patronisation or selfishness. Mr Cogan has been the absolute guiding light for my career. Never failing to be on the end of a phone should I need advice, information or simply that thing that all vulnerable actors need from time to time - confidence and respect. I cannot tell you the amount of times that Ben has been there for me as an actor. Doing, as only he can do, that selfless thing of taking a green young actor and setting him on a solid career path with advice, inspiration and an incredible duty of care. The most generous and respectful casting director in the business. He has constantly gone above and beyond in every facet of his professional life. I feel extremely lucky that I've had Ben's hand on my shoulder to guide me through the choppy waters of an actor's career. Love you, bud.

Chizzy Akodolu

Having worked with Ben Cogan on a number of projects, I can wholeheartedly say that he's one of the most professional and conscientious, Casting Directors in the industry. His database of actors is diverse and talented.

Ty Glaser

Ben's warmth and dedication to encouraging actors to give their best has always brought out the best in me in my auditions with him. The fact that he can also act himself makes the casting process a joy ... if only all CD's were like him!

Ben Turner

I'm lucky enough to have worked with Ben on a few things. He's a loyal, hard working casting director who understands and champions actors. Not about vanity or ego but all about the work. A rare breed if you ask me.

Andrea Lowe

One of the greatest gifts Ben has as a casting director is understanding actors and character. You feel safe with him in an audition space which allows you to give your best performance, pushing you to go that bit further. He has given many actors opportunities they otherwise wouldn't have had as he casts with originality, passion and belief.

Steven Miller

I first got to know Ben through the years he was responsible for getting me in BBC's Casualty - years in which he supplied not only talented performers, but genuine people that fit in well with the company. I have a lot of time and respect for Ben, he's always had it for me, and if being great at his job isn't good enough, he's a thoroughly nice bloke to boot!

Gillian Kearney

I had the good fortune to work with Ben back in 2007-9 and always found his enthusiasm and passion for storytelling so inspiring. He is a gifted and committed casting director, with a talent for making everyone feel at ease and valuable at the same time! Best of luck Ben; you deserve it!

Dan Fredenburgh

As a film maker and actor, having worked with Ben on numerous occasions, his keen eye and sensitivity to the projects we've been involved in, has always been impressive and his commitment and sensibility are a rarity in this industry.

Paul Fox

I have had the pleasure of auditioning for Ben on numerous occasions, and can say he genuinely loves the whole casting process. Reading for him is always a pleasure as he really wants his actors to succeed - we got to work together closely when he cast me as a regular in Casualty for BBC1. He is very 'actor friendly' and is more than happy to share his wealth of knowledge on the process.

Francesca Fowler

Whenever I get an audition with Ben Cogan I squeal with delight. He is simply the best. He takes his time, he makes everyone feel relaxed, and you can tell he really cares about actors. Thank you for everything Ben.

Jayne Wisener

A casting director like Ben is every actor's dream. His charismatic and friendly vibe puts you at ease instantly and causes those 'audition nerves' to disappear. His positive and constructive feedback throughout the audition allows you to leave the room knowing that you gave your best performance. As someone who is lucky enough to have been cast by Ben it is clear that he really cares about us actors. His support continued throughout filming and even whilst the show was being aired.

Liz May Brice

Ben Cogan cast me several times in Casualty over the years, and tried to cast me several times more - we have crossed paths at many a screening and a premiere, so much so that he became a friend. His taste on all things televisual is impeccable, his intelligence at the top end of the scale, his sense of humour wry and daring, and his personality is ever reliable, lovely and loveable. Any producer would be very lucky to have him.

Charles Mnene

These words are written to express the great work I had the honour of performing, thanks to being given a opportunity by the brilliant casting director "Ben Cogan". My first experience in a television drama was "2004 Doctors: The role of Billy Marshall- 1 episode- Mothers Pride". This was a brilliant first break. Over the years Ben has involved myself in many casting opportunities and is always a guiding force in auditions, he creates a relaxed and professional environment, which is good I think for actors auditioning from my experience. I know when I have an audition for Ben it will be a role with depth and range. It has been and will continue to an honour to work with Mister Ben Cogan.

Sian Breckin

I've always enjoyed meeting Ben and felt that he has a real passion and respect for his work. He's always treated me with kindness and conducted intelligent, thoughtful and creative castings. He is excellent at creating a supportive and positive environment for the actor and director to meet and reads intelligently and generously. I think he is an open, exciting and a very creative casting director with a wealth of experience-a real asset to our industry.

Naomi Bentley

I always look forward to a casting meeting with Ben, he's got great instinct, makes you feel completely comfortable and is great at reading off camera. The jobs in which Ben has cast me have been some of my most enjoyable, i completely trust his judgement and the projects with which he is associated.

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