Lesley Duff

As an agent, it has been my pleasure to work with Ben Cogan over the last few years. I have always found his attention to detail and his instinct for finding the right actor for any role exemplary. He is a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Lisa Toogood

 Ben’s enthusiasm, warmth and understanding means he’s a casting director who actors enjoy auditioning for and who gets the best out of them in his casting sessions. He’s passionate about his work, which he approaches with creativity and openness, finding opportunities for diverse and contemporary performers so that the projects he works on can be meaningful, powerful and truthful.

Deborah Willey

Ben is a complete tool and every production needs that tool in order to exist. After all, a casting director is the most useful tool there is. Some may say he’s the ultimate tool and I’d happily agree.'He has great taste and is always a pleasure to deal with. He does a great line in jokes too, if you’re so inclined.

Carrie Simcocks

Ben cares.He loves Actors.He treats them with respect.He fights for them.He sticks up for them.He understands them.Ben really cares for them.

Vena Dacent

I've known Ben Cogan for over 15 years and he is hard working and courteous.  Always thinking of actor's needs and fighting their corners.

Bill Petrie

I have had the pleasure of working with Ben since his early days at The BBC.Ben's keen eye for talent and openness to new talent means that he has discovered many fine actors in his career.He is efficient and always a delight to deal with.

Andy Herrity

I have known Ben since he started in casting.  A thorough and conscientious professional he is always positive and enthusiastic about his projects and, more importantly to me, protective of the actors he works with.

Jo Edwards

It’s been a delight to grow up in the industry alongside Ben.Whether I’ve been an agent at one of the most established and respected agencies or starting out with a fledgling list I know what matters to Ben is getting the right person for the job. Ben actually loves actors, he works WITH them to get the best out of the casting process for producers and directors and that subsequently radiates from the screen.

Sarah MacDonnell 

Ben is extraordinary and knows exactly how to work with actors to bring out the very best in them.  As an agent for children and young performers, I knew that Ben was exactly the right person to bring in to run my first audition day. Watching him work in the room with talent from age 6 all the way up to young adults was quite simply mind blowing and a beautiful process to watch. It was a masterclass in itself.  In short, Ben just 'gets' actors. He champions them, encourages them and is hugely passionate in all he does.  He's a gem and a genius! 

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