Paul Unwin

I had the pleasure of working with Ben a few years ago. He is a passionate, insightful and very talented casting director. I worked on a production that was not related to Casualty but I do know the part he has played in casting the series simply cannot be over estimated. Repeatedly he has produced hugely talented casts but has also been instrumental in finding some of the series’ current stars. I am sad to see Ben leave the BBC but am sure that he will play a very significant role outside the corporation finding, supporting and developing the stars of tomorrow.

Jane Gull

Ben is an exceptional casting director and a wonderful person making working with him a complete joy. His love for actors is evident and he is hugely respected by them in return. He always listens and respects my ideas as a director but always brings something fresh to the table and thinks outside the box. An excellent eye for finding exciting new talent and giving many (now) house hold names their first break! Knowledgable, talented and passionate about his craft. Casting is key to a films success and I can't recommend Ben enough. I can't wait to work with him again....and again. 

Rebekah Fortune

Ben was instrumental in bringing us some of the very best in young and emerging talent and his boundless energy and enthusiasm were infectious. If you want passion in a casting Director Ben provides it in abundance.

Ian Barnes

Ben is a fantastic casting director.  He seems to have a sixth sense when choosing the actors to bring in after posting the breakdown.  There is usually a mix of the more established artistes as well as a few new faces giving you a huge variety of performances, which proves utterly invaluable when the dialogue is first brought to life. Plus he is a lovely guy and that makes a long day fly by in a most enjoyable way.

Nigel Douglas

I have worked many times with Ben and have always welcomed his insight and considerable knowledge as a Casting Director. Ben brings the perfect combination of talent and dedication to every project that makes him such a pleasure to work with.

Suri Krishnamma

Ben is a magician in the casting world. An exemplary example of someone who knows no creative limits to casting possibilities, who thinks outside of the box with the intuition of a cosmic scientist. You are a legend, an inspiration, have limitless energy and a determination to shine a light on the best talent within an actor so that foggy-lensed directors are able to see. If Russell Brand were Prime Minister, you'd be in the cabinet, probably communications director because you speak the language of the people.

Julie Edwards

Ben is always spot on with who he brings into casting sessions, often thinking outside the box, and over the years we have cast some really interesting characters. I had always said Ben could work with actors as a director as he has a real empathy with them and an understanding of their journey and works particularly hard in auditions to bring out the best in them.  He is particularly good working with young people and we have cast many actors straight out of drama schools as we've always enjoyed giving them their first break. I hope we get the chance to work together again.

David Tucker

I've worked with Ben Cogan in two different contexts - as a professional colleague and Casting Director on the BBC drama, CASUALTY, and (in my capacity as Head of Media at Drama Studio London) as employer of guest tutors on our Screen Acting program." "Ben is an excellent Casting Director, combining hard work, a wide knowledge of actors, good taste and a willingness to look outside the box. All four episodes of CASUALTY I've directed have been very successful in their guest casting.Ben has also twice taught as a guest tutor at Drama Studio in London, giving graduating students the benefit of his experience and perception in practice TV interviews.  These sessions have been thoroughly planned and professionally executed to schedule. Ben has an extremely approachable and friendly manner with students, making them feel appreciated as well as giving valuable individual feedback and advice.

Rick Platt

Ben is an actors casting director. He is the artists champion and always wants his actors to give their best performance for camera and stage. He has cast some memorable episode of Casualty for me and always delivers. He is my go to guy.

Rebecca Gatward

Ben is a creative collaborator. He always puts together a talented list of actors which gave me really exciting choices. He is insightful, clever and a delight to work with.

Jon Sen

I worked with Ben on Casualty for many years. He always had an excellent eye for spotting new talent, working to ensure we got the right actor for the role. He has a tremendous passion for the art of casting that feeds into every job he does.

Ben Morris

I first met Ben when he was a bouncy Doctors casting director. Since then he has guided me through many casting processes particularly for Casualty episodes, always with wit, imagination and a sense of fun.Since working at LAMDA, I have also witnessed his tremendous enthusiasm, warmth and desire to find and help emerging talent.Ben loves his work with a passion, and has a first rate knowledge of an actor's position in the television industry.Ben brings huge enthusiasm and energy to his work as a casting director.

Paul Murphy

Having work with Ben on a number of BBC Casualty series openers and Christmas specials I thoroughly enjoyed his approach to finding the best people for the role. The casting room was never more fun!

Steve Hughes

Every time I've been lucky enough to work with Ben, he's been brilliant. He is always on your side. His instincts are always spot on. And he is fearless. I look forward to our next collaboration.

Dermot Boyd

I worked with Ben Cogan on several blocks of Casualty from 2008 onwards. I always found Ben to be extremely enthusiastic and very keen to ensure that he cast the best actors in the right rôles, as well as fulfilling other production wishes such as profile and diversity. Any production would benefit from Ben’s knowledge and experience.

Mathew Evans

Ben brings a real understanding of character and story to his work. He creates a place of imagination to work in.

Angus Jackson

I very much enjoyed working with Ben. We gathered an excellent cast together and I felt he was thoroughly in charge of the whole process and with me every step of the way. I anticipate great things.

Darcia Martin

I have worked with Ben Cogan as a casting director on BBC1 shows like Doctors and Casualty. As a director joining a long running show your aim is to tell a believable story and to add a new dimension. Ben always helped me to do this through insightful casting. His understanding of the script and his appreciation of the producer and directors’ artistic vision has always made him a pleasure to work with.                   

James Larkin

Ben is an inspiring, energetic, kooky, compassionate, honest, mercurial, sensitive individual who is a joy to work with. There aren't many like him. Hire him at all costs.

David Roden

Ben's creativity, diligence and sensitivity are what make him the most wonderful casting director. Ben doesn't just turn up and sling a few 10x8 photos of his mates in front of you - he understands drama. Really, truly understands how story works, how characters tick and how people think.  I really like working with Ben because he listens. And then he imagines. He's bold in his approach, he subverts conventional thinking, he adapts and pushes boundaries, and has a quicksilver mind ... and does so with such marvellous enthusiasm, good grace and charm. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Shani Grewal

Ben Cogan will interpret a script and listen to a director's ideas then come up with stunning (sometimes off the wall) casting suggestions that always work. He is amenable, receptive, strong when he needs to be and always ultra cool. Ben is a superb casting director and pleasure to work with.

Sean Gleeson

Good eye, good sense, good heart, good to work with; Ben Cogan.

Matt Harrison

Working with Ben was an absolute pleasure. His knowledge and expertise took our production to the next level. He knew exactly what we were looking for throughout the casting process and found us the perfect actor/actress for our film.

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