Karen Newman

Working with Ben is a pure delight.  He brings sensitivity, humour, passion and hard work to the table not to mention his talent and commitment to finding just the perfect actor for a role. His creative energy is contagious and he has always got your back. He is a great intermediary between the production and the actors making the casting process enjoyable for all involved.  He bounces in with a cheeky grin and you just know you are in safe hands. Ben cares deeply about what he does and the people he works with and is truly a master of his trade. A real guardian angel to a production! I am looking forward to working with him again, if he is not too busy that is!

Oliver Kent

Ben has numerous skills befitting of a good Casting Director; he has the ability to quickly build a rapport with contributors, alongside excellent lateral thinking skills and was consequently often the person who I would turn to when I needed to find an actor at short notice.  During his time at the BBC, Ben always displayed a great deal of passion for Casting, he was a proud champion of diversity and exhibited a desire to nurture talent.  This was clearly demonstrated through frequently providing training in Drama schools and conducting workshops at Actor Centres on areas such as audition technique.

Mal Young

 Ben was a hugely enthusiastic and talented member of the casting team we put together as part of BBC Drama Series. His contribution helped us achieve great things across  a diverse output of successful productions. He's also great fun to have around. I very much look forward to doing it all again with him in the hopefully not too distant future.

Jane Steventon

Across the last 10 years of knowing and working with Ben Cogan, I can tell you that he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of a broad range of blisteringly talented actors, is a Casting Director of brave and clever choices, a steadfast advocate of diversity on screen, goes out of his way to source and support new talent and is a wild and witty raconteur. After spending too many hours in the BBC’s bunkers together, I believe he is one of the best in the business. What more do you need from a Casting Director?

Wendy Wright

I have had the pleasure of working with Ben for nearly ten years now on various shows produced in-house at BBC.  He is an extremely talented Casting Director who is unfailingly passionate about his work and is always full of ideas and suggestions when discussing the casting of individual roles no matter how prominent that role might be.  He approaches every episode with the same gusto and passion and it is obvious from the very first meeting that you are dealing with someone who absolutely loves what they are do and that is completely committed to the project in hand no matter how big or small.  I have no hesitation in recommending Ben as a Casting Director and have no doubts whatsoever that he will serve your project well.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish him every success in his new venture.

Anne-Louise Russell

I worked with Ben when producing Casualty Series 24-25. He was full of boundless enthusiasm for his work, showed a deep empathy for actors, was passionate about diversity and always went the extra mile to help us secure a cast of talented artists.

Kathleen Hutchinson

It was my pleasure to work with Ben over 5 years at BBC Drama. Ben is smart, imaginative, sympathetic and hugely intelligent.  His passionate approach to his work makes him an invaluable asset to any producer or director.

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