There’s no one who has had a greater influence on my career than Ben Cogan. When Ben gets hold of you, he keeps hold of you, and I am absolutely certain that it was his faith in me that kept me going forward. There must be so many people, not just actors but also directors and agents, who feel they owe a huge part of their career to him. I've known Ben for nearly 15 years and within that time he has never failed to impress me with his his professionalism, his integrity and his unyielding respect for actors. Ben has that truly unique quality to nurture, guide, advise and develop acting talent without patronisation or selfishness. Mr Cogan has been the absolute guiding light for my career. Never failing to be on the end of a phone should I need advice, information or simply that thing that all vulnerable actors need from time to time - confidence and respect. I cannot tell you the amount of times that Ben has been there for me as an actor. Doing, as only he can do, that selfless thing of taking a green young actor and setting him on a solid career path with advice, inspiration and an incredible duty of care. The most generous and respectful casting director in the business. He has constantly gone above and beyond in every facet of his professional life. I feel extremely lucky that I've had Ben's hand on my shoulder to guide me through the choppy waters of an actor's career. Love you, bud.

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