I have known Ben for over 15 years and can vouch that he is one of the most respectful casting directors I have ever had the fortune to be seen by. He has such a warmth and approachability that many people in his position don't necessarily have. Inside an audition room Ben is very professional and keeps the atmosphere friendly which makes such a difference to an actor being able to lose the nerves and deliver the performance we practiced in front of the mirror!I remember when I was having a meeting for Doctors many years ago and I couldn't make the meeting on time. Ben made me feel so comfortable as he could see how disappointed I was in turning up late, he had managed to swap the meeting times without it being a problem for the producers which gave me the chance to relax before going in. I ended up getting the part thanks to that I believe. On another occasion I was meeting for a second recall and Ben ever the professional reassured me the reasoning and the positivity in being called back. He has in fact become a face I look forward to seeing in a casting call and I only wish more casting directors were as easy going and conversational. He is also a very good actor from the number of times he has read with me on tape! I look forward to continue meeting Ben along my career and seeing him succeed in his freelance role now at BeCo.Me.

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